Business and Balance

How do you know if membership is right for you? If the thought of belonging to a supportive network of women that Sipping Tea and Doing Business is for serious business women that want to start and grow their business and stay balanced in the process. That can be pretty challenging if you don’t have the right people and support.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed or stressed and just wish you had a supportive network to call upon, then Sipping Tea and Doing Business is the place for you. If you’re already successful, just starting out, in transition, building your team or aspiring to be an entrepreneur and looking for some support and balance, we’re hear to for you. Join us as we come together to:

  • Face new challenges
  • Celebrate success
  • Explore who we are and who we are becoming
  • Share resources
  • Be bold & balanced
  • Learn to relax and breathe
  • Stay healthy and vibrant throughout our individual and collective journeys