How to Live a Legendary Life

There are three types of life you can live: 1) Ordinary 2) Extraordinary and 3) Legendary. Most of us fall somewhere between ordinary and extraordinary. But consider this. “You are going to do something in life, so why not make it legendary?”  This is the question posed by Stephanie Jones Smith to a group of women on our “virtual tea”.   Stephanie has lived an extraordinary life. She grew up in a small town of roughly 2,500 people. Her mom, who didn’t attend college always told her that there were no limits in life. Stephanie took this information and ran. She […]

4 Strategies for Healthy, Balanced Business

Staying healthy and balanced in business can sometimes be a difficult undertaking, especially for women. That’s because we often want to be ALL things to all people, which means we may very well neglect ourselves in the process. There are some ways that you can offer yourself that ever illusive work-life balance if you really want it. Here are four strategies to consider: 1. Create positive, healthy, productive work environments. How happy are you at work? Surround yourself with things that you love (pictures, flowers, positive affirmations, quotes, etc.). Build a comfortable work space with energizing colors, appropriate seating, and […]

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference in Business

I work out of my home in a dedicated office space downstairs. Before I had my laptop I was confined to that particular space, which wasn’t a bad thing as my office is set up pretty efficiently with all the things I need at arms reach. However, I’ve found that these days I work a lot less in my dedicated space. Do you like the atmosphere at Starbucks or Caribou Coffee? I love these two places because they have a relaxing, warm feel and are great places to work. I often spend time there but then I decided I could […]

8 Business Resolutions You Must Keep This Year

1. Create your strategy based on where you’re going vs. where you’ve been. It’s a new year and most likely you’re looking to do some new things. In a climate of change, businesses have to remain flexible enough to understand and see the trends and find ways to adapt strategies around that. 2. Adopt technologies that make you work more efficiently. Technology is the essence of business today, offering new ways to accomplish tasks, communicate, and grow your business. The trick is creating processes, finding the right technology, and incorporating it. 3. Embrace new business ideas and concepts that are […]

Just a Reminder Girlfriend!

It’s easy to slip into “coulda, woulda, shouda” as you look back on all the things that you could have done, would have done, and should have done if you had more money, more time, more help, more energy, more, more more . . . And just as you begin to slide down the wishing well . . . I wish I had . . . more clients, better employees, more publicity . . . it arrives, just in time — a phone call, an email, a supportive note, a thank you letter from that dear girlfriend, reminding you of […]

Sales & Marketing Women’s Biggest Business Challenges

A study conducted by revealed the obvious, the biggest challenges women face in business is sales and marketing. The study, consisting of 3,325 businesswomen from across the United States and Canada showed that 36% of the women surveyed considered sales/business development as their biggest challenge while 29% stated marketing and promotions was their biggest challenge. When it comes to getting the word out and selling our products and services, women are still very challenged. But why is that? As I ponder the question, many possibilities come to mind. 1. Not seeing oneself in the business of sales – Every […]

Technology Makes Women a Viable Business Force

I love technology! I’m one of those individuals who couldn’t live without my computer. I check email constantly (not such a good thing) and I embrace all arenas of new and exciting business technologies. It’s hard for me to conceptualize the time before we had computers, email, the Internet. What on earth were we doing? Every day I’m fascinated by the revolutionary ideas and concepts that have bridged the gap between small business and big business, the opportunities for making money and the lessening of the gender divide. A few months back, Fast Company profiled a teen of just 17 […]

The “S” Factor: Changing from a Superwoman to a Superstar

A couple of months ago I had an epiphany and then with an excited and energetic assurance, I shared unabashedly with a friend and colleague, “I’m a Superstar!” Does that sound egotistical? It’s not. A little while back I wrote in an article about our need as women to change our “S” factor from Superwoman to Superstar, understanding that what makes us so special is the essence of who we are vs. what we do. When you think of a Superwoman you think in terms of what a woman does. Take Superman for example. Superman is best known for what […]

Incorporate Reading Into Your Business Strategy

There are so many things for a business owner to do when it comes to building a business that reading is probably the furthest from your mind. But as an avid reader and a strong proponent for continuous learning and growth, I must recommend adding reading to your ongoing business strategy. At a networking meeting some time ago, the discussion of recommended reading came up. A businesswoman in attendance made the statement that “she didn’t have time to read”. Nonsense! I thought. How on earth could she say that? Reading is as important to your overall business strategy as your […]