Entrepreneurs Sheronde Glover and Loretta Patrick co-authored the book, Sipping Tea and Doing Business: A Holistic Journey to Business Success, in 2001 after realizing that business owners, particularly women, needed support, resources and information to develop and build their business.

The two decided to write a book that would offer women the information they need in a relaxing, non-intimidating way. These ladies knew they had created more than a book, but instead a mindset for doing business more authentically. They began hosting business forums for women, providing a comfortable atmosphere and environment where women could address commonly asked questions and challenges they face in business.

Along the way, they began to realize¬†that you don’t have to be a man to do business, you just need to be who you are! Sipping Tea and Doing Business is a¬†communitea that allows women to explore not only who she is, in life and business, but also who she is becoming.